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Eleo has partnered with DonorSearch to provide innovative prospect research tools to effectively evaluate your donors’ charitable giving portfolio.

When you sign up for an Eleo account, you can access the power of DonorSearch in two different ways:

  • A free trial of 10 free searches or
  • Special pricing of a $240/annual contract bundled into your Eleo subscription
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Search your donor’s wealth quickly and easily

Philanthropic History

Wealth Data

Real Estate Holdings

Political Giving


DonorSearch Ranking


  • One-click connection to get from Eleo to DonorSearch
  • Access detailed charitable giving information for any donor
  • Use rankings to effectively target prospects
  • Review summaries of wealth assets
  • Identify your current donor’s giving capacity
  • Generate a detailed wealth profile on prospects or donors
  • Discover affiliations, real estate holdings, past giving history & more
  • Find wealth information on high prospect leads

DonorSearch Profile

Donor Dashboard

Explore your donor’s profile. See snapshots of charitable giving, likelihood of major gifts, what your target ‘ask’ could be and more.

Donorsearch Example Donor Profile


Increases Accuracy

Access comprehensive giving information about your donors

Target appropriate giving level based on donor capacity and interest

Effectively research and screen your donors

Boosts Efficiency

Instantly gather a full financial picture of your donor

Save time with our one-click integration with Eleo’s Contact Record

Quickly identify new major gift donor prospects

Develops Stronger Predictions

Discover patterns of giving amongst your donors

Compare your donor’s activity to their engagement with other nonprofits

Develop a more appropriate ask, based on previous donor behavior

Builds Better Relationships

Steward  your donors with more insight 

Learn new donor interests, giving tendencies and general financial preferences

Act on accurate data, showing donors their future impact within the organization

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