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View your nonprofit work at-a-glance, with multiple fundraising & communication widgets.

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Organize Your Fundraising Strategies All-in-one Place

Personal Calendar

Donor Retention Statistics

Fundraising Graphs

Task Management

Recent Contacts and Gifts

Favorite Reports

Features of the Nonprofit Fundraising Dashboard

  • Access recently viewed contacts and new donations.
  • Schedule tasks with donors, events, grants, gifts, mailings, and more.
  • Compare and review yearly fundraising totals.
  • Process thank you letters and receipts.
  • Monitor Campaign and Appeal fundraising totals.
  • View donor retention statistics by date range.
  • Save unlimited favorite reports.
  • Capture top donors and top donations by date range.

Examples of Fundraising Widgets

Recent Gifts

Fundraising Totals

Donor Retention

Benefits of a Nonprofit Fundraising Dashboard

Improve Time Management

Arrange widgets and dashboards to monitor your specific tasks, data, and analytics

Download fundraising reports quickly and easily

Manage your to-do list with customizable task and calendar features

Build a Stronger Team

Create personal responsibility amongst team members via assignment tracking

Encourage team communications with customizable Task & Calendar

Keep everyone on the same page with standard dashboard and widget use

Simplify your Workload

Process thank you letters for recent gifts quickly and easily

Schedule tasks for teammates on the company wide calendar

Monitor robust fundraising metrics, in one comprehensive location

Grow your Nonprofit

Stay timely with donor touches and stewardship via your personal calendar

Compare your fundraising totals by fund, campaign and appeal

Examine trends of top donors and top donations

Increase Your Fundraising

  • Stay on top of your donor retention statistics
  • Thank your donors in a timely manner
  • Coordinate your fundraising tasks with your entire team
Increase Your Small to Medium Nonprofit Fundraising with Eleo Donor Management CRM

Integrations with Your Fundraising Dashboard

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Constant Contact

Comprehensive Features

Everything You’re Looking For in Donor Management & Fundraising Software

Eleo believes every nonprofit – no matter its size – should have access to an affordable comprehensive online donor management system and CRM to support crucial fundraising and donor cultivation tasks.  So that’s exactly what we’ve developed. With Eleo, you don’t have to sacrifice features or usability for affordability.

  • Affordable, starts at $39/month
  • Highest rated for usability by FrontRunners
  • All the features you need from any device, any where
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Let Eleo help your nonprofit make a bigger difference.

What our customers are saying

Jodi Kusturin PT, DPTDirector, Equestrian Zone Pediatric Therapy

We as non-profits can’t afford NOT to have Eleo! The return on investment pays for itself and will grow your organization!

Cara PaviaDev Coordinator, Community Access Unlimited

We’ve had a great experience working with the Eleo team. We’re able to train our staff to use the software with ease. The software is comprehensive and affordable making it an easy choice to switch from our prior system.

Janet WeisbergExecutive Director, Hold Your Horses

Using Eleo has helped immeasurably with our fundraising efforts and we really appreciate all of the excellent customer support.

Tara B. KellyExecutive Director, The First Tee

We started using Eleo last year and are thrilled! Eleo is user-friendly and flexible to tailor to organizational needs. The technical support I receive from the team at Eleo is excellent - much better than many of the larger database products I’ve used. Set up is easy and customizing is a snap. I highly recommend Eleo!

Erin PhillipsCEO, Solace Theatre

Affordable, Flexible, and Friendly! If I could give more than five stars, I would! Customer support are so kind on the phone and in email; even when I am frazzled, they are quick to help me. We use Eleo for donor management, fundraising registration and fundraising management. All have been a lifesaver! Eleo made sending receipts, end of year statements, and thank yous a breeze and keeps me on track with our donors. Plus, it's a great price for our small non-profit!

Vanessa CarterDevelopment Coordinator, Boys & Girls Club of Metro Queens

Eleo has made organizing our special events so much easier than before. The system is easy to use and helps me maintain contact with our supporters. I would totally recommend Eleo to other Clubs.

Carla RodriguezHouse of Yahweh South Bay Outreach Center

We used Eleo's event module to plan and organize our annual gala fundraiser last month, and it was the most successful ever! Thank you Eleo team!

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