Why Clean Your Data?

A clean, organized database allows you to operate more efficiently. With accurate contact information, streamlined lists, and no duplicate records, not only do you save time and money, you also build stronger relationships with your most loyal supporters.

  • Identify and remove inactive contacts
  • Monitor missing information with dynamic lists
  • Search and merge duplicate records
  • Standardize data entry
  • Deactivate users who should no longer have access to your database

Does data clean up feel daunting? Eleo is here to help! Check out our packages below and pick a cleaning support service that fits your needs.

data cleaning

Data Cleaning Options for Every Budget


Duplicate Check

Eleo Support team identifies duplicate records in your database. Duplicates are sent to your nonprofit in a comprehensive spreadsheet.

$29 per 500 contacts in your database

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Duplicate Check + Contact Merge

Part 1: Eleo Support Team creates a comprehensive spreadsheet of your duplicate records.

$29 per 500 contacts in your database

Part 2: After nonprofit review and approval, Eleo Support Team merges/fixes each duplicate record.

$29 per 50 duplicate records

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Uncover Missing Information

The Eleo Support Team creates dynamic lists of your missing donor information. Ex) Missing Last Name, Missing Email, Missing Mailing Address, etc.

Nonprofit determines which missing information you’d like to uncover.

The dynamic lists remain within your Lists Module, where they will update continuously for your future use.

$15 per list

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Bulk Data Updates & Removals

The Eleo Support Team handles your NP’s bulk update/removal needs.

Ex) Delete Gifts in bulk, Delete Contacts in bulk, Change Gift Tags in Bulk, Assign Donors in Bulk, etc.

$29 per update or removal

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Bundle & Save

Want a combo package?

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