How do I get started with Eleo?

It’s easy to get started with Eleo Online Donor Management Software. Just click to sign up for a free trial.  Once you have provided the name of your organization and the contact information, Eleo will direct you to a login page where you can set your username and password. That is it! You will now be in the Eleo Online Donor Management Software and can begin organizing all your valuable donor data.

How do I connect to Eleo Online?

Connect to Eleo anywhere you have an Internet connection. Using a PC, Mac or mobile device and any of the popular web browsers, you can access your donor data and all the wonderful features of Eleo Online Donor Management Software.

Can my current donors and donation information be imported into Eleo?

Your current data can be imported into Eleo easily and efficiently. There is no need to start from scratch. We are here to help. One of our dedicated Eleo support specialists will work with you directly to discuss your current database and the how the information will appear when imported into your new Eleo system.

What is the cost of using the software?

Eleo starts at just $39 per month. Eleo is an affordable online software that charges a monthly fee for its use. The fee is based on the number of contacts you have in the system. The full fee schedule can be viewed here. At all levels, Eleo provides the same feature rich software for all your users.

Is there a long-term contract?

There is no long-term contract. We are confident you will immediately appreciate the value Eleo Online Donor Management Software brings to your organization’s cause.

What types of training and support come with Eleo?

You will find Eleo intuitive and easy to use. Your introduction to Eleo includes a personal training session to help you get started. Additionally, the software comes with a collection of learning videos, monthly training webinars, and a Help link on every screen. With all of the support resources we provide, you will be able to use the software from the moment you log in. If you need additional assistance, email or give us a call at 1-844-676-3536.

How do I send Thank-you letters in Eleo?

Sending Thank-you letters from Eleo is extremely easy to do. In one process, you can add a donation and send a Thank-you letter – it is that simple. You don’t have to process a Thank-you letter at the time of gift entry, you can also go to mailings and initiate Thank-you letters for those gifts that have not been processed.

We know the importance of mailing timely Thank-you letters to donors and we have created an easy Mailing Dashboard where you can view how many Thank-you letters and receipts have not been processed. The number of Thank-you letters which have not been processed are even aged within the Mailing Dashboard. And you can initiate Thank-you letter processing right from the same screen.

Do you have an events module?

Eleo comes with a robust Events Module. Within the Events Module you can set a goal, create lists, mailings, activities, RSVP, paid and unpaid, and even set table seating and golf foursomes.

Can I track volunteers?

Our Volunteers Module gives you all the tools you need to track volunteers. You can label contacts as volunteers, create volunteer opportunities, volunteer assignments and record volunteer hours.

Can I manage my memberships?

Eleo comes with a comprehensive Membership Module which allows you to manage and track your memberships with ease. Within the Membership Module you can have different types of memberships, create membership bills, payments, renewals, mailings and more.

Does Eleo track tributes, memorials and honorees?

Yes, Eleo will track all your tributes, memorials and honorees. Acknowledgements are identified and may be sent to the donor as well as the sponsor.

Can I customize the software to fit my organization’s needs?

Yes, Eleo offers many features which allow you to customize the software to fit your organization’s needs. Here are some of the many customizable features:

  • Custom fields
  • Donor groups
  • Donor interests
  • Lists
  • Event activities
  • Recognition levels
  • Memberships
  • Custom Report Writer
  • And many more
What kind of reports does the software have?

Eleo comes equipped with a wide variety of reports for contacts, gifts, donors, pledges, memberships, volunteers, events and more. Your data tells you a lot about your success in raising funds and cultivating donors, so we make sure all the information you enter into Eleo can be accessed in a meaningful way. Furthermore, all reports can be customized to your specifications. Simply use the selection criteria on the screen to get the information you want! Eleo also contains a Report Writer that allows you to create your own reports.

Is there a limit to the amount of users who can access Eleo?

You may have as many users in the software as your organization needs. Eleo does not limit the amount of users you choose to allow to access your data. We do this to encourage you to provide each unique user with his or her own username and password, as opposed to everyone using the same username and password. The advantage of each user having their own username and password is to track who made various entries and to provide varying levels of user rights. Eleo is also multiuser software, all users can be in the software at the same time.

Can user rights be defined in Eleo?

User rights are completely in your control. You assign the user rights for each specific user. User rights determine what information each user has access to and can be used to limit what users can enter, delete, view and more within the software.

How many contacts can I enter into the software?

There is no limit to how many contacts you enter into the software. Eleo grows along with your nonprofit – and our pricing options are affordable at all levels.

Can Eleo process credit card gifts?

Yes, you may process credit card payments using Eleo. Eleo has contracted with Elements Payment Systems to be the gateway for credit card processing. Using either your own merchant account or by signing up with Elements Payment Systems for a merchant account, your credit card donations may be processed and recorded within Eleo. Eleo does not charge a fee on credit card processing. All credit card fees are between you and your credit card merchant.

Are you PCI compliant?

Eleo is cloud based software residing on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Elements Payment Systems is the gateway for credit card processing and storage. Both Microsoft Azure and Elements Payment Systems are PCI compliant.

Who owns the data my organization enters into Eleo Online Donor Management Software?

Your organization owns your data. Eleo has no ownership rights to your data and will not use or share your data.

Will you contact my donors or share my donor information?

The data your organization enters and maintains in Eleo is solely owned by your organization. Community Software Solutions, CSS, creator of Eleo Online Donor Management Software, claims no rights to the data of your organization. We will not contact and/or solicit contacts from any of the data you enter and store within the Eleo software.

Is my data backed up and secured?

Yes, all data you enter and save into Eleo is backed up on a regular basis and stored off-site at multiple geographic locations. Your data is also secured using some of the latest protection technology.

What if there is a fire or disaster at your offices?

Eleo Online Donor Management Software and your data are stored and operated in Microsoft’s Azure cloud services. Their Data Center is physically constructed, managed, and monitored to shelter data and services from unauthorized access as well as environmental threats.