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Free E-Guide: 5 Easy Steps to Creating a Fundraising Plan for Small Nonprofits

By January 3, 2023June 20th, 2023E-Guides, Fundraising, Nonprofit Start-Up Toolkit
Eleo Fundraising E-Guide

Small nonprofits with limited staff, budgets and resources often find themselves fundraising on the fly.  They organize fundraising events, post on social media, and send out mass email blasts, but none of this is strategically planned together in a coordinated effort.  This approach to fundraising can be highly stressful, not sustainable and result in fundraising goals being unmet and low donor engagement.

So how do you advance your fundraising efforts to the next level? Create a solid, actionable plan to help everyone stay on the same page. Having a fundraising plan for your small nonprofit means lazer-like focus on your mission, more cohesive teamwork, stronger donor relationships, effective use of resources and improved time management. Are you ready to move on up?

Eleo Fundraising E-Guide Creating a Fundraising Plan for Small Nonprofits

  • Step 1: All Systems Go – Get your systems in place
  • Step 2: Look Back before Moving Ahead – Review past fundraising efforts
  • Step 3: Keep It Real – Set realistic, measurable goals
  • Step 4: Stay on Schedule – Manage your timeline with a shared calendar
  • Step 5: Finish Strong – Learn the Art of Donor Follow-Up

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