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Free E-Guide: First Time Donor Retention Guide: How to Get New Donors to Give Again

By January 13, 2022January 21st, 2022E-Guides, Fundraising
Eleo Retaining First Time Donors Guide Book Cover

Small nonprofits will typically add new donors into the same bucket as the rest of their donors. But are they really your donors yet? Are you confident that they feel enough of an emotional connection to your organization and mission to give again? Do you know why they gave in the first place?

The point here is that turning a new donor into a repeat donor, who is truly a part of your nonprofit community, takes a lot of work! We’re talking about full blown, first-time donor stewardship. This guide will show you how.

Eleo First Time Donor Retention Guide 5 Keys to Retaining First Time Donors

  • Step 1: Thank Yous
  • Step 2: Introductions
  • Step 3: Invite & Educate
  • Step 4: Feeling & Seeing
  • Step 5: Sharing & Engaging

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