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Create New Donor Welcome Kits to Embrace Donors for Life

By March 21, 2017January 17th, 2020Donor Outreach
Use welcome packets to boost your donor retention rate.

First time donor retention is alarming low. By some estimates, as many as 70 percent of first-time donors never give another gift. If you can successfully get a second donation, your donor retention rate more than doubles. So what do you need to do to keep new donors interested in your organization?

Additionally, what do you envision as your end result for your donor retention strategy? Do you simply want a second gift? Recurring donations? Perhaps you want donors to get involved in attending future events or share information about your organization over social media?

No matter what your goal may be, you should consider creating a “welcome series” for your new donors. To start, this welcome kit should be designed with a strategic calendar of due dates, varied types of touch points and all upcoming event information. Here are a few other items you might want include:

1. Key information about your organization. 
This could be a folder, video, packet or other media that informs your donors about your organization’s mission, along with the people or causes you serve. You want to inform your first-time donors about the work of your organization, the successes you have achieved and the part they play as a donor with your nonprofit.  Here is a sample of the way you might connect with your donors about your nonprofit, helping them to understand how much they make a difference.

  • 48 hours: Personal thank you for first donation over email
  • 2 weeks: Welcome and thank you phone call from board members or key volunteers
  • 4 weeks: Newsletter with impact stories and social media links
  • 8 weeks: Volunteer opportunities
  • 12 weeks: Personal email

2. Stories of impact your organization has made. 
People love human interest stories. Your donors are likely no different. Instead of sharing only what your organization does, give a face to or tell a story about the specific impact your work has on the communities or causes you serve. Your donors will feel more compelled to continue donating if they know who or what they are supporting with their gifts.

“People love human interest stories.”

3. Link to your social media platforms
If you want to engage with your donors, provide them with links and information about your social media platforms. They can connect with your organization every day and enjoy your daily tweets, fun Instagram posts and thoughtful leadership blog posts. Additionally, when donors share and like your posts, their friends will see what your nonprofit is doing and may get involved as well.

4. Upcoming events volunteer dates

Some donors may want to do more than contribute monetary gifts. They may want to help out at volunteer opportunities or attend fundraising events. Include a list of upcoming dates in their welcome package, but also encourage them to regularly check your website and social media pages for other event changes and additions. The more they get involved at every level of your organization, the more likely they will stick around for years to come.

5. Annual report and testimonials
Your donors need to know specifics regarding how their donations impact your work. This is why including an annual report in your welcome series and sharing subsequent newsletters and email updates can be important. Find out which part of your organization they are most passionate and highlight this information for them. Include testimonial videos and case studies as well to put meaning behind your numbers.

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