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Top 10 2018 Nonprofit Blogs on Fundraising and Donor Management

By January 2, 2019January 7th, 2019Nonprofit News
Eleo Top 10 Nonprofit Blogs 2018

Every year we try to provide resources, tips, work-arounds and industry insight into a variety of topics for our nonprofit clients.  This post highlights the top 10 2018 nonprofit blogs from Eleo, covering topics from tax reform to toolkits to relationship building strategy.  Have any ideas for 2019 posts? Let us know!

  1. The Impact of the Tax Reform on Nonprofits: Part 1
  2. Create new donor welcome kits to embrace donors for life
  3. The 7 Nonprofit Donor Types: A Guide for Communications and Outreach
  4. Fundraising Event Ideas For Your Nonprofit
  5. 6 Keys For Building Donor Relationships
  6. 7 Ways to Find and Attract the Right Volunteer Talent for your Nonprofit
  7. Write meaningful thank-you letters for your donors
  8. 8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Nonprofit Donor Management Software
  9. 4 Keys to Successful Nonprofit Networking
  10. Your Nonprofit’s Online Donation Page Checklist